No need to drive to OSBI or register for an account to get an OSBI Criminal History Report.  We have direct access with the OSBI C.H.I.R.P. system and can provide you with an OSBI Criminal History within minutes.

This is an official Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (O.S.B.I.) Criminal History search (WITH ALL 3 OSBI STAMPS), covering the state of Oklahoma. This search also includes the optional Oklahoma Violent Offender search and the optional Oklahoma DOC Sex Offender search which is required for most people that are asked to get a copy of their O.S.B.I. Check.

Please note that an OSBI Criminal History is ONLY RECOMMENDED for certain positions that require an OSBI Check.  If an OSBI Check is not required, we recommend one of of our other Criminal History Packages which is much more thorough and complete than and OSBI Check. Examples of individuals required to obtain an official O.S.B.I. Criminal History search are those positions regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS). These positions include child care workers, home health nurses, nursing home employees and nursing students.

We provide this search to companies regulated by Oklahoma DHS and other agencies required to obtain an OSBI Check. However, we also recommend our SSN Identity Check, National Sex Offender Search, our proprietary Oklahoma Statewide Criminal Search, our National Criminal Records Search and a Federal Criminal Search.  An OSBI Criminal History doesn’t include full dispositions for many Oklahoma records, it doesn’t include Federal Criminal records, doesn’t include sex offender records outside of Oklahoma, or criminal records outside of Oklahoma.

For a search better than an OSBI Criminal History, take a look at our Silver, Gold or Platinum Criminal Packages or contact us with any questions you may have.

Results will be returned the same day (if ordered by approximately 2:00 pm CST) to the email address provided during the checkout process.  If ordered after 2:00 pm CST, results will be returned the next morning.