Pre-Employment Assessment Testing

PreHire Screening Services provides our clients with web-based, pre-hire assessment testing, integrity testing and skills testing services as part of the pre-employment screening and post-hire training process. This includes personality testing, aptitude testing and skills assessment testing.

By implementing pre-hire assessment testing, you’ll be able to pre-screen applicants and reduce interviewing time by 50% or more. With more than 1,000 assessment and skills tests available, we can select the tests most appropriate for your pre-hire testing requirements.

Also, COMING SOON, we will be partnering with a leader in job simulation assessments to provide our clients with PreHire℠ Job Simulations.  With a PreHire℠ Job Simulation, you can cost-effectively screen applicants to see how they will actually perform on the job before hiring them.

With a PreHire℠ simulation the applicants perform specific job-related tasks and functions to see how they handle and react to situations in a real-world environment. Prehire℠ simulations help you truly identify the best person for the job.

How often have you hired an employee with a great resume and interview skills who turned out to be the wrong person for the job, proved to have personality problems or who lacked integrity?

Have you ever promoted an employee into a position that just didn’t work out?

Implementing personality assessment testing as part of your pre-employment screening process in combination with PreHire℠ Job Simulations will allow you to effectively screen, hire and motivate truly superior staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for information on specific prehire testing solutions for your organization.