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Integrity Interviews

With our nationwide network of trained interviewers, PreHire Screening can perform integrity interviews for your prospective employees as part of your pre-employment screening program, no matter where the location.

Much like a regular job interview but distinct from employee background checks, the integrity interview consists of a question-and-answer session. The interviewer is not only interested in the answers to the questions but also in how a candidate answers the questions. They look for body language, unconfortable pauses and facial expressions.

Integrity interviews can help identify candidates who are likely to surf the internet all day, harass fellow employees, break a confidetiality agreement or steal.

The following areas are assessed during the interview:

  • Employment History
  • Theft and Related Activities
  • Work Related Alcohol Use
  • Violations of Company Policy
  • Recent Use of Illegal Drugs
  • Criminal Behavior

For more information about our Integrity Interviews, please go to the Contact PreHire page to call, email or submit our online form for additional information.